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Our Team

Andrew Jones
Tour Guide

Andrew is a software developer and tour guide from the Sacramento, CA area. He is very passionate about ancient Middle Eastern archaeology and has traveled to the Middle East more than 15 times since his first trip in 1997.

Zafer Onay
Tour Guide

Zafer has lived in Doğubayazıt in Eastern Turkey for over 40 years. He is an expert on the region and its history, customs and culture. As the main tour guide, he is able to bring out the richness of this area of Turkey and make the tour come alive. He speaks Turkish, Kurdish and English.

Mary Nell Wyatt Lee

Mary Nell has made many trips to Eastern Turkey doing research into Noah's ark. Her passion for archaeology and history can be seen in the books she has published on the research her late husband, Ron Wyatt, did in Turkey. Ron Wyatt has been credited by the Turkish government with discovering the real Noah's ark.

Dennis Schelles & Michelle Wyatt Schelles

Dennis and Michelle Schelles have been promoting the Noah's ark research for many years online and at conferences with their booth. Michelle's father, the late Ron Wyatt, was at the forefront of the Noah's ark research in the 1970s thru 1990s and is given credit by the Turkish government for discovering the real Noah's ark site.

Graeme Howitt
European Marketing

Graeme, who is based in Scotland, has been interested in ancient Middle Eastern archaeology and traveling for many years. His online promotion for Noah's ark has helped spread the word about the sites in Eastern Turkey throughout the Internet community.

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